You know how the saying goes: ‘Boys come and go but your girlfriends are forever.’

February is that time in the year where you are bombarded with sights of red roses, an excessive amount of heart shaped gifts and when restaurants charging extortion prices for dinner for two. That holiday is known as Valentine’s day.

However, the day before Valentines dDay, the 13th of February, is the increasingly popular Galentine’s Day. As the name of the holiday suggests, Galentine’s is a day where you celebrate your love for your girlfriends, whether you’re single or not.

Urban Dictionary (the site everyone needs to go to if they want an accurate definition of course!), defines the holiday as two things:
1) February 13th, the other half of valentine’s day, when you celebrate your love for your lady friends! single or no.
Example: hey Judy, you are such a great friend to me, and I want to celebrate our friend love , not only my sexy love with my boyfriend Marvin tomorrow, so let’s have a dinner get together the day before valentines day – Galentine’s Day!

2) When single women get together on Valentines day to tell each other that being single isn’t really that bad.
Example: “Hey Chelsea, do you wanna come to our Galentines Day dinner this year?”
“Galentines day?”
“Yeah its just a bunch of girls getti…”
“Fuck that I want a man.”

Urban Dictionary presents us girls to be bitter about Valentine’s Day. Galentines Day isn’t a day to rant about just how single you are or be bitter about those who do have a date. After all, it doesn’t even land on the same day. It is purposely placed the day before so that women can spend time with their galpals AND their significant other. Talk about the best of both worlds!

It’s all about ladies celebrating ladies, women supporting women. According to Google Trends, there is a rise in the conversation about Galentines Day. USA top the poll of the country who search topics surrounding Galentines Day, with Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia all following suit.

The phrase was came a light in an episode of Parks and Recreation. A holiday coined by a sitcom has become an annual celebration. Women from all over the global have joined in with this new tradition. There’s so much focus on getting into romantic relationships these day that we tend to forget about our friends that have been their since the start.

It’s an excuse to get your galpals round and have a great time with them. It’s a great way of reconnecting with your friend again, building your friendship stronger and having a right ol’ laugh.

So whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s, Galentine’s or you’re lucky enough to celebrate both, enjoy spending time with the people you love!

PS: If you got a spare five minutes, please have a look at my first ever post for Buzzfeed: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicalam/10-reasons-why-you-should-celebate-your-galpals-an-2pv5j

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