Autumn Fashion-y Haul 2016.

Change of season is one of my favourite things because it means all the new clothes come out in stores and a lot of things from the previous season are now on sale.

As you may or may not know, I am a self-confessed shopaholic… I mean, as much as my budget allows of course! Even if I don’t buy anything, I love browsing stores, just seeing what the latest trends are, catching up with my girlfriends. This is why I love fashion blogs, because I get to browse new clothes/trends without leaving the comfort of my own bed. I am very nosey so I am also so curious in what people have bought and their opinion on it.

I thought I’d take it back old school this post and do a fashion type haul. This is an accumulation of stuff. Please note I did not do this all in one shop as I’m not that crazy lol! If I can, I’ll try and leave links to the products incase you’re interested!

Zara High Heel Velvet Ankle Boots
IMG_2617.JPGStarting with these AMAZING boots from Zara. I first saw these on this girl’s Instagram and I was immediately like, I HAVE to have them! It might sound a bit silly because the name of the boots are ‘high heels’ but I didn’t know they were going to be as high as they were, making them not as practical as I would’ve like. They’re a gorgeous dark blue/navy velvet colour and feel, very fancy. I rarely go to fancy occasion because I’m so lazy so I have no idea when I’m going to wear them but I love them so much!

Zara Suede Jacket

If you know me, you will know I love coats and jackets. I am a huge hoarder of coats. I am the (annoying) type of person who is always cold so jackets and coats are essential – so I tell myself! Now this jacket isn’t the most practical jacket for a winter in London but it’s so pretty. I think that if I just layer jumpers and tops underneath and wrap myself with a scarf, I’ll be fine hopefully. Somethings are worth the pain (of the cold!).

Missguided Chunky Cable High Neck Crop Jumper in Cream
(I had to take the picture from the website because when I tried to take a cutaway picture, I couldn’t get a flattering angle of the jumper.)
I find jumpers very hard to buy. I want them to be thick and warm but I hate it when they’re bulky. Recently, I have been loving crop jumpers, paired with high waisted skirts because it keeps you warm but at the same time, the cut of the jumper is much more flattering and the high waisted-ness of the skirt covers a lot of the midriff that might have been on show. My clothing palette is relatively basic – I pretty much wear cream, white, black and grey so this jumper is no exception.

Missguided Square Neck Lace Bodycon Dress in Lilac
This is not really for autumn, but I went to a wedding as some guy’s date and I really liked this dress so I wanted to include it. I don’t think I’ll wear it again any time soon but I thought this dress was very flattering. I bought so many dresses for this occasion and this was the nicest one out of the lot. Obviously, because it was his family’s wedding, I didn’t want to show too much skin so although it was tight bodycon, and it was a tiny bit short, the high neck was the perfect compromise.

Dune Nude Heels, bought from Debenhams

To go with the dress above, my fashionable friend told me to wear nude heels. Now I’m a black shoe type of girl so I didn’t have any nude heels in my wardrobe so this was the perfect excuse to go shopping. I want heels that weren’t too high because a) I cannot walk in high heels, b) I really didn’t wanna fall in front of his family at the wedding and c) the boy I was seeing wasn’t the tallest guy ever, (he was cute though so that’s all that matters). I also wanted a pair of heels that were pretty but also shoes that I was going to wear again. I spent days looking at for heels and I was getting pretty fed up of looking to the point where I called my friend and asked her if I could just borrow her shoes lol. However, I finally found heels the day before I went, AND they were on sale. I think they were £100 and went down to £30.

Topshop Belted Popper Zip PU Skirt
I purchased this dress because I was watching some girl’s Topshop Haul on YouTube and instantly fell in love. The skirt was out of stock on the site every single time I went on it which was so frustrating. I also went to so many different Topshop and I still couldn’t find it anywhere. Luckily on my lunch break, I decided to make a quick dash to Topshop and actually found my size. I think this skirt is so nice to dress up or down. I would say that for me anyways, it rides up when I sit so if I was wearing it without tights, it may be an issue.

MOTO Authentic Step Hem Jamie Jeans
I guess this isn’t the most exciting piece I’ve purchased but I always bang on about how Topshop do the best jeans. I was a huge fan of the Leigh Jeans but I’ve slowly converted to the Jamie jeans. High waisted jeans used to annoy me so much because they were so uncomfortable and they felt very restricting, probably because I was so fat and buying sizes too small for me for wishful thinking lol! I don’t know if it’s because they changed something about these jeans but they fit like a glove. I particularly like the colour of these jeans and I like the fray detailing at the end. I would highly recommend buying jeans from Topshop to anyone!

River Island Grey Faux Suede Biker Jacket
Right, I know what you’re thinking. It’s exactly like the Zara one, except a different colour. I know. I had bought this one before the Zara one but it’s quite thin, so definitely not suitable for this time of year. Even if I layered underneath, it won’t keep me warm. When I bought this jacket, I asked my mum if I should return it but she told me to keep it because I don’t own a jacket in that colour. So this purchase is blamed on my mum!



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