Practical Ways To Relax and Destress.

Growing up is a funny thing. One minute, you’re a little wee lass – you’re young, you’re carefree and you have no responsibilities whatsoever. The next thing you know, you’re suddenly in the mist of choosing/completing degrees and dissertations, learning to deal with the aftermath of a heaving night of drinking for the very first time (beginners hangover!) and where you learn that boys are lame and cheat on you (not all boys!) and cry over them all night long. Everything is thrown at you and you feel like Bambi in-front of headlights. Suddenly, before you know it, years have slipped by, and you’re now in your early twenties where you have no idea what the hell you’re doing to do with your life. You’re getting older and the unforeseeable future is pending/looming.

Then comes piling on the pointless issues, that bring your mood, confidence and motivation to a all time low. Cue the questioning on your body image, “Am I too fat? I look bloated today, no?” to the cattiness/bitchiness of girls and having to sift through many failed friendships, to the love woes and trouble. But trust me, you’re not alone.

My teenage years weren’t too bad if I’m being honest. I was a good girl. I was (and still am) definitely a huge worrier. But I, like many of my peers, worried about my looks, my love life, my grades, my friends etc. But I think the one thing I’ve taken away from it all is I really got to learn about myself and I guess my coping mechanisms. I’ve learnt that going on a night out and getting smashed when you get your heartbroken might seem like a wise idea at the time, but in the morning you feel terrible. I’ve learnt that you must must must work hard in school, (which FYI is one of the most easiest times of my life in retrospect), otherwise you have to work really hard now.

So whether you’re stressing about family or your friends, or your relationship or your school/uni work, or the hundred and thousands of other things I know us young people stress about, I’ve tried to create a couple of suggestions as what to do when you are stress. When you do feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Social Media.
Social Media is definitely one of those things that should come with a ‘Proceed with Caution’ message. I am an avid lover of Social Media, I’m one of those sad people who feel lost without it. Social Media to me is a way to look at those memes and GIFS that will make you laugh, that will reconnect you with your friends/connections who can cheer you up, that inspire and motivate you. But I do see the downside of Social Media. It’s one of those things that can constantly bring you down if you don’t see the distinction between reality and virtual. For example, the whole ‘#bodygoals’ all over your Instagram feed. When you’re feeling shitty about your weight, a pretty girl with a toned body is the last thing you wanna see. It can stress you out further. But remember, social media is the edited and best version of yourself.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like music. I think that everyone is affected by music in one way or another. Of course, I’m super bias because I love music but music is one of those things that can instantly change your mood. You could be in one of the worst moods you’ve ever experienced and then ‘your song’ comes on and suddenly you’re on your feet, dancing without a care in the world. Music is universal. It’s something that connects everyone and it doesn’t discriminate. It has the ability to provide comfort and advice and almost mirror your exact emotion.

Pamper Yourself.
There’s nothing better than having a night in, sometimes alone, sometimes with your girlfriends. Getting that face mask on with cheese in one hand, wine in the other is great way to relax and enjoy yourself. They say that if you look good, you’ll feel good. Even if you don’t have time to do the whole job, just a quick blow-dry or a fresh coat of nails will instantly boost up your mood. Take back control of your body and make you feel like you again!

For me personally, speaking about my problems out loud is difficult. When I speak about my problems, I feel like I’m being a constant burden to someone so I am definitely the type of person to bottle it all up. This is not healthy. Sometimes, there are times when words cannot express emotions, you cannot verbally express what you are feeling and you cannot say the words out loud, it’s okay, we’ve all been there. Trying writing it down instead. This blog is my creative outlet. It’s a way for me to write down, categories and reflect on my thoughts later on, when perhaps I’m not so rational. Once you see your problem written down in black and white in front of you, it becomes much clearer to see the solution.

Seek out help and advice.
There are times when things become too much for you. When you feel as if you can no longer cope. That’s okay. This is the time when you should speak up and ask for help. Perhaps talk to your nearest and dearest who will be 100% willing to help you whatever your problem. I know sometimes, speaking to people closest to you is hard because you’re afraid they’ll judge you, they’ll almost baby you or they’ll worry about you. Believe me, I’ve been through this, but if I can go and ask for help, I’m sure you can too. I am the most stubborn person in the entire world, but sometimes things do becoming overwhelming and you need that extra motivation that you currently cannot find within yourself.

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  1. Gemma says:

    What a very useful list, very insightful!

    1. jessicaybl says:

      Thank you so much (: x

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