Burger & Lobster.

Here in London, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining. The other week, my bestie and I had a little(ish) shopping trip in Oxford Street. After pounding the streets for a good few hours, we needed a little fuel to revitalise us. Our intention was to go to the Rainforest Rooftop Bar in Selfridges, but obviously, with it being a Saturday, it was full to capacity. Instead, we stumbled across Burger & Lobster near Bond Street station.

Burger & Lobster have a very simple menu. Three choices, fries and salad, all for £20. You could choose from a classic beef burger, a whole lobster or a lobster roll. I’m not the biggest fan of meat so I knew I wasn’t going to choose the beef burger, but my friend and I were saying how coming to burger and lobster, we HAD to have the lobster. A burger for £20 wasn’t really worth it in our opinion (although, when we saw others eat it, it was massive and looked pretty good!). We both settled for the Lobster Roll because neither of us knew how to eat a whole lobster from the sell. However, if you order the whole lobster, you get a bib which I really wanted to wear!

The food comes on a massive silver tray. It makes you feel super fancy. The portions were a good size. My bestie just about manage to finish it all, whilst I’m a weakling and I couldn’t finish the fries and left some bread. We accompanied our food with a couple of cocktails (I know – Jess – Mocktails not Cocktails?). I can’t remember the names, but I had an ice tea thing, which was Earl Grey Tea, Watermelon and Lemon, and it came with this huge slice of Cucumber and it was really refreshing. My friend had some passionfruit one, which was super nice and sweet!

I could highly, highly recommend Burger & Lobster. Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of seafood, it was soo tasty! It is a lot fancier than the type of meals we normally eat, (we’re normally cheap and cheerful sorta gals), it was nice to feel as if we were treating of ourselves.


Photos were taken on iPhone 6s.

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