“What are Freakshakes?” I hear you all ask.

If you haven’t heard of Freakshakes, where have you been? Because they’re all over my Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter feed. Either I constantly think about food that the internet somehow knows me and fills my feed jam packed of food and drink, or they’re not as popular as I first thought.

In essence, Freakshakes are milkshakes, but bigger and better. Much much much bigger. After researching where the nearest place to me that does Freakshakes, my sister and I headed down to Maxwell’s in Covent Garden, London. The decor inside was really nice, we got a nice table right at the back, but the lighting was so poor so I apologise for the crappy photos.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

We both saved our bellies just so we could fit the milkshake in, but we ordered a couple of starters to share. We had the Fresh Crab ‘n’ Shrimp Cakes, Mac ‘n’ Cheese and the Nachos Fondita, which were all so delicious. The nachos were way way bigger than we expected, the picture doesn’t do it justice because it literally almost filled the entire table. Needless to say, as much as we tried, we just could not finish the food.

Moving onto the main show, the Freakshakes. The menu said that you had to ask what the flavours of the day were. The offerings for us were, Oreo, Mars or Salted Caramel. Those who know me know I do not like chocolate at all so I settled for Salted Caramel, whilst my sister ordered the Oreo one. When they came, all the tables surrounding us looked at our drinks (probably out of jealousy of course!). I knew they were big, but I underestimated just how big. My one was a salted caramel milkshake with a bucketload of whipped cream, topped with a whole glazed donut and then a stick of marshmallow, all drenched with caramel sauce. My sister’s Oreo Freakshake consisted of Oreo milkshake, with a bucketload of whipped cream, with two Oreos placed poking out of the cream, followed by an chocolatey ice cream cake on top. We both didn’t finish the milkshake either because it was just too filling.

I think the Freakshakes are definitely a fun thing to try, great ascetically and of course, fantastic for the Instagram. But I’d advise ordering one to share because I can’t imagine how anyone would finished the entire thing. Now please excuse me whilst I go run these 100000+ calories off.


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4 Comments Add yours

    1. jessicaybl says:

      They were! Thanks for commenting! (:

  1. Karandi says:

    Those look amazing and yet impossible to eat in any kind of neat way. Thanks for sharing.

    1. jessicaybl says:

      Thanks for commenting! Haha, I used a knife and fork to eat/drink it so it wasn’t too messy! (:

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