New Purchases.

I said that I was gonna try to update my blog much more regularly so I’m back with another post. This one is going to be short and sweet. I was going to call this post my May Favourites, but I think it might be slightly to early and I’m just too impatient waiting for the end of the month! I want to show you a couple of purchases which I absolutely have been loving!

As you probably know, I went to New York at the end of March/beginning of April, and the store I had to go to was Sephora. I have heard so many good things about Sephora so I was soooooo excited to go and it did not disappoint! I’m not usually someone that bulks buy make up, nor do I splurge out a lot on the higher end make up. I’m normally ‘a simple drugstore eyeliner look’ kinda girl and make up done (because I am super lazy)! But I did splurge. Far. Too. Much.

Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner
I only bought one of every item because I didn’t know if it was going to be good or not so I didn’t wanna waste money, but the item I wish wish wish I bought more of is the Kat Von D’s Tattoo Eyeliner because this is a godsend!!! If you look at past photos of me in my teenager and late teen stage (of course not my finest hour), you’ll see I always had panda eyes. My eyes water so much, in the sunshine, in the rain, and my eyelids are so oily (lol attractive) that my makeup always smudges. I have found no eyeliner that does not smudge, even if they promise to be waterproof. BUT this eyeliner does the job. It does not budge at all. I can wear it all day and confidently come home knowing it’s still in place. Bye bye black under eyes!!! I know that once it runs out, I’ll be super sad, but I think I’m gonna have to order it online. It is worth the extortionate delivery price!!! If you can get your hands on it, try it out!!

Zara Chain City Bag
I also did a little splurge in Zara. I’m normally a Topshop girl and you’ll find that probably over 75% of my wardrobe is Topshop, but recently I’ve been loving Zara. I have bought a few clothing pieces but the item I want to show you is this bag, which I absolutely love!!! Every time I wear it out, I always get compliments on it. It is such a big ego boost when a complete stranger compliments you on your attire. It’s a sorta dupe for a Chanel bag, which I cannot afford, so it has that luxurious vibe. I think it’s a decent size. It’s not too big and it’s not too small. It’s bigger enough to hold all your essentials but not too big that you’ll carry all that unnecessary extra.


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