Travel Diaries: New York, New York.


At the end of March, I had the fine privilege to travel to New York City. Now if you know me, you’ll know that it’s a life long ambition of mine to live and work in NYC. Unfortunately this time wasn’t a one way ticket but hopefully one day, it will be!! I’m currently back home in London, writing and editing these photos in the early hours due to jet lag!

There were several reasons as to why I wanted and needed to get away:

  •  I haven’t been on holiday in a very long time so it was an overdue trip, the inner traveller insisted that I booked it immediately.
  • I never got the chance to really, really celebrate my 21st birthday due to the incident so it’s a post birthday do lol.
  • Not only trying to recover from my incident but trying to complete a ten/eleven month dissertation project in just under ten weeks was stressful.
  • After completing university (almost – I still have about 17,000 words between me and the end because of final essays), I felt that it was a cause for celebration. It was a sorta ‘You actually did it Jess, you didn’t quit!’ present to myself.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve had a very difficult and stressful three/four months. I honestly just really needed to get out of town for a few days, away from all the stress of last year and make myself happy again as now I have no real obligations. So where better than one of my favourite cities in the world to boost my mood?

I thought I would do a picture diary entry to show you a snapshot (lol pun intended!) of my trip and show you just why NYC is one of my favourite cities ever.

JFK Airport
Times Square
Me + Time Square
Times Square
Taxis towards Time Square


Chinatown in NYC
City View from Manhattan Bridge
Night Views at Time Square
Statue of Liberty
Me + Statue of Liberty
IMG_6080 (1)
Again, Time Square – I couldn’t help but take thousands!


If you watch Gossip Girl, you’ll know why this Hotel is important!!!


All photos were taken on iPhone 6s.

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