This Year.


So seriously, where has 2015 gone!? I’ve scheduled this post to go live at 1pm on this Thursday afternoon (because I’m super tech-savvy now and I know how to use the internet/Wordpress properly) because this marks my last class of 2015 – something I have been counting down since the beginning of the academic year – and it’s the last proper scheduled thing I need to do/had to attend this year. So I don’t know, I thought it was sorta relevant… I feel like this is the perfect time to tie this year up with a nice bow in the form of a blog post.

It’s the time of year where I look back at the past year and question what the hell I’ve been doing all year. Every year, it seems almost obligatory that one must reflect on the past year and think about what they’ve learnt, from the things that made them grow into a better person to all the silly little mistakes they’ve made. So over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to think super hard as to what I have learn this past year. And here’s a couple of quick pointers I’ve learnt this year for you to have a read (and laugh at my expense if you so wish lol):

Never cut your hair when you’re experiencing intense emotions
I first cut my own hair after I finished my first and only exam of Second Year Uni. As someone who absolutely hates uni, I wanted to cut my hair off because I want it to feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder, both literally and metaphorically. Obviously because I was really, really happy to finish uni for the year, I didn’t think about the consequences and if I really wanted it thaaaaaat short in a few weeks when my mood wasn’t so high. Spoiler alert; after a few weeks, I hate the shortness.

The second time I cut my hair this year (and I obviously hasn’t learnt from my previous mistake) I cut my own fringe into a really blunt, full fringe. As soon as I cut it, surprise surprise, I hated it! I told myself I cut my fringe because I wanted a new look but deep down, it was probably because some boy was messing me around and I was just feeling sad that evening. As you can see, I take out my emotions on my hair lol but now lesson finally learnt – never ever cut your own hair and never cut your hair when you’re super happy or super sad. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be venturing a career in hairdressing after graduation either.

Happiness above everything.
If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year, not even just this year, my whole three years at university is don’t do anything you aren’t happy with. If I could get across any message, it would definitely be “Don’t go to uni for the sake of it.”

This applies to the “real world” too. Graduation is slowly creeping up on me and although I am beyond excited to leave, part of me is scared because I don’t know what I want to do. I know I want to be happy. When people talking about getting jobs, they talk about starting salary. And yes, of course money is important, but for me, I think I would rather be happy in a job than earning loads of money and be miserable. Of course having money means you can treat yourself more often, you’ll live in a nicer place, afford nice things, go on cool, expensive holidays etc. but I’ve learnt that if you don’t enjoy something, you won’t do as well in it. Your unhappiness will completely consume you and take over your mood. I pray that I never ever feel the same way about anything as I do about uni.

That’s why finding and having a career in a field which I love is important to me over money. It’s something that I’ll be doing for the next like 50 years of my life. Happiness (and health) is one of the most important aspects of your life and I urge you to put it first.

I am now able to cook at least two dishes to above satisfactory level!
Before this year, I could literally just about make toast without burning it. I seriously suck in the kitchen. If I was home alone, the only thing I was able to ‘cook’ was instant noodles. I mean, to be fair, I am sucha pro at that, that I managed to cook instant noodles for a group of friends after prom when I was pretty tipsy. Aside from that, I would eat salads because it’s basically just chopped vegetables arranged as a beautiful concoction, right?

In the past few months, I’ve managed to make a proper roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings and a Shepard’s Pie for my family and I multiple of times. True British classics. No one died or was ill from food poisoning so in my eyes, that’s a success. The first time I ever made roast chicken, my brother scored it 4/10 and that made me really sad because I genuinely thought it was bloody amazing.

But I guess practice makes perfect and slowly the scores are increasing. So if you ever want dinner at Chez a la Jessica, you’re more than welcomed! Except I should warn you that I take ages… What takes normal people 45 minutes, takes me two hours…

I’m Better Than I think I am.
So the title of this sections makes me sound bigheaded, but I don’t know how to word it – I fail so bad as an English Literature student. I was going to write ‘stronger’ but I’m only talking about mental strength, not physical so I don’t think that was right. But anyways, there were several times this year where I’ve felt like I couldn’t do something. For example, when I was choosing modules for third year, I was really contemplating whether I should do a dissertation. On the one hand, I thought to myself, “How can I go to university without doing a dissertation?” On the other hand, the thought of doing 8,000ish words completely by myself absolutely terrified me. But I thought, if I don’t do it, I’ll regret it because I feel like that’s what you go to uni for, not to mention it’s really impressive. One term later, and I feel like it’s going alright… I’m really enjoying it and getting really into it.

There’s also this time, back in July I think, where I was sent to watch a movie preview and to write a review on it. It was my first time being invited to something as cool as that. The first time I was in a room full of, you know, ‘real journalists’ with who I had to network with. The first time my opinions, aside from my blog, were going to be posted on the internet. On a real, proper site. When I was first presented with the chance to go to this preview, I really thought, “Should I, Shouldn’t?” I had recently just joined the team, so I was still finding my feet, but I thought experience is experience and if I say no, I might not be given the chance ever again.

I guess this goes hand in hand with the whole “don’t say no to things, take every opportunity as it comes.” I feel like this should be my motto my the upcoming year.

And some small, trivial things I learnt:
– Where the perfect lighting is in my room for selfies.
– I have become a lightweight when it comes to drinking. I used to be able to neck drinks upon drinks down (without sounding too much like an alcoholic) but now, couple glasses of wine and I am dizzy.
– That the Waterloo & City Line is literally from Waterloo to Bank only, one station. (I was seriously so shocked lol)
– How to properly use MHRA referencing (I think!)
– That as you get older, the physical and material items, for example, birthday presents, are less important and it’s more about the time you spend together with your friends and family.
– Just how much I love Ketchup. (and Miri, if you’re reading this, I know you understand this!!) I love ketchup so much that I have multiple sachets of ketchup in my bag, just in case a restaurant doesn’t have ketchup. I am that annoying person in McDonald’s/Burger King/KFC/all the bad fast food places who stands at the till always asking for even more ketchup.
– How to parallel park quite well. (I say quite cause I only do it when there’s literally that only space left. I’d rather walk a bit further than do a parallel park.)

Otherwise, now it’s the countdown to Christmas and the New Year (eeeek, I am so excited!), and I’ll try my best to write a couple more posts before the year is up. I just want to quickly thank everyone that reads my blog and I hope you continue to do so. If you have any suggestions as to what you want to see and hear about from me in the new year, I would love to know!

So until next time,

Jess X

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