An Ode to Pop Music.

So the other day, I was having one of those telephone interviews, and one of the questions I was asked was, “What type of music do you listen to then?”

Easy question right? I know what sort of music I like. But for some reason, I couldn’t spit it out. My head was screaming Pop Music, but my mouth stuttered, and then I came out with, “A bit of everything really, chart, dance, indie.. I’ll give everything a chance.” I mean, technically I wasn’t lying, I do listen to them genres, but I didn’t mention the genre I listen to the most – Pop.

Pop music seems to have become this taboo genre. It’s almost uncool to like pop music. It seems that Pop Music is now too embarrassing to like. It’s cooler to like pretty much any other genre. So I wanted to address my love for Pop Music, and say “Hey, you know what, I do love Pop Music” and I want to persuade you why it’s okay, no, it’s bloody amazing if you like Pop Music.

Growing up, I’m sure you must’ve had a dream that one day, you’ll become an international pop star. Just me?… Okay. But at what point did it become uncool? Maybe it’s because pop music is synonymous was cheesiness. Cheesy pop is the music where you have ridiculous outfits, over the top smiles and cliche, lame rhyming words (I’m thinking Cheeky Girls) I mean, if that’s your sort of thing then cool, go for it! My mum loves that sort of music lol. Each to their own I say! But at the end of the day, this is harmless fun. It’s the songs you’re probably gonna remember most. The songs you’re going to find yourself humming all day. It’s music which touches and connects with you. Not in a super emotional, super deep way, no… But a sort of happy-careless-fun way. It’s feel good music.

But that is one spectrum of Pop Music. The genre is so wide range. Pop Music means popular music, the sort of music that is well received by many. If Pop Music wasn’t loved be a lot of people, then it wouldn’t be called ‘Popular Music’ – the name wouldn’t be fitting. I personally think Pop music is popular due to its simple structure and repetition. Normally, Pop songs are constructed in ABABCBB form, with A being the verse, B being the chorus and C is the bridge. The lyrics may change but the structure of the melody stays the same, it creates familiarity, it creates a catchy-ness vibe. It’s predictable, you know what is coming. Nothing will surprise you too much. It’s normally writing in 4/4 time, a regular common time signature, something easy to clap along too.

I think the biggest influence to this argument would be Taylor Swift. She chose to move from country to pop. She chose to pursue a pop career, it wasn’t thrusted upon her. And now she is the biggest selling artist in the world. Would she have been one of this years biggest selling artist if you didn’t make this move? I highly doubt it. Not because I have a problem with country (I love Teardrops on my Guitar!) but because pop music appeals to a bigger audience, it is much more mainstream. If Taylor Swift can hold her hands up and admit to her love of pop music, then it’s about time we all did too.

A lot of artist in the charts are classified as pop stars. Yes, they might dip in and out of the pop sound, but it’s normally classified as pop something, pop-rock, electro-pop, indie-pop. Fundamentally, the biggest selling artists in the world are pop stars or have pop influences in them. Take a look at the iTunes chart where you are right now. I’m pretty sure at least half, if not more are pop songs.

I like pop music because I find it catchy. They’re normally songs you can pick up really quickly. Songs you can sing to at the top of your lungs in the car, in your room.. Songs you can jump around dancing too… Songs you can listen to with the whole family. I personally don’t really like song saturated with swear words. I don’t see the need, especially if you want to be playing on mainstream TVs and radios station. I feel some songs are genuinely like “How many swear words can we chuck into this song?” Who wants to listen to a song with 101 beeps?? There are other ways of expressing yourself without cursing.

I feel like pop music shouldn’t be this genre which is a guilty pleasure. It should be openly loved. We should embrace it with our arms and ears. So I’m Jessica and yes, I love Pop Music.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. yes!! I love pop music!x

    1. jessicaybl says:

      haha that’s great, I’m glad you do! x

  2. cre8tivegal says:

    I feel no shame in the music I like either. My favorites are alternative rock, christian pop, and the music from the 50s and 60s. But I personally prefer country Taylor. Teardrops on my guitar is my fav.

    1. jessicaybl says:

      You like a wide range! Ah really? I’m not sure if I can choose between pop and country Taylor lol! x

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