Travel Diaries: Sky Gardens, London

I apologise for the lack of posts recently. Final year of uni has started which means I’m trying to be a better student this year and actually do some work! Also, this past weekend, I’ve had no internet. I am sad and ashamed to admit that I was so so so bored without WiFi and now that it’s back, I feel like my life can continue again. My mum commented on how myself and my siblings were miserable without it, and complained about ‘What has this world come to?’ and those stories that begin with ‘In my days… blah blah’ etc. Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked here and the reason why I wanted to write this post is to tell you about this amazing place in London I went to last week, which is FREE.

On a day off from uni, my bestie came home from her uni for literally 24 hours with a surprise that she managed to get tickets to go to Sky Gardens. We had been looking for tickets since like August but they were always sold out so we were pretty lucky to get our hands on some! Now, I suck at surprises, I always ruin them for others and myself because I like to know things, I am a planner, so I was like ‘Hello, hello! Where we going? What we doing? Answer me asap’ Needless to say, she told me the surprise before the day and I was super excited.


If you’ve never heard of Sky Gardens, it’s basically a sort of glass rooftop in the middle on London. I would describe it as a people’s greenhouse lol. The closest stations are Bank and Monument. I went with my two favourite people in the world. Upon arrival, there was a queue, but it went quick and soon we found ourselves in a lift going to the 35th floor, jumping with excitement (not literally of course lol).

I think when we exited the lift and walked into the… room I guess you could call it, I was in awe. I had obviously seen pictures beforehand but they honestly don’t do it justice. I think we probably said to each other ‘Oh my god, this is amazing’ like a hundred times that day!


Luckily, we went on a beautiful sunny day, so we managed to enjoy the view of London in the sunshine on the balcony (plus, we got some real good selfies with super good lighting!) I guess now that we have entered autumn and it’s getting a little bit more cold, you might not want to go out the balcony but even so, I would highly recommend just popping your head out for a brief moment because the view is amazing.


Without sounding like alcoholics, a day with my girls isn’t complete without a drink. I’m afraid I don’t remember the names of the drink but they were really good. Myself and Manisha just downed our drinks whilst Asha was a bit more ladylike and slowly sipped on hers. Being in London obviously means the drinks are quite expensive. These cocktails above were £11.50, so pricey, but hey, it’s London, what do you expect!

Sky Gardens is a great place to just hang out with your friends, your family, a place where you can take in the view of beautiful London and be touristy. We were commenting to each other that it would be a perfect date place with your other half, especially as the sun sets – we are such romantics! However, these girls were the perfect date. If you’re ever around London or you live in London, I would recommend Sky Gardens in a heartbeat. I think it’s fast becoming one of my favourite places and I can’t wait to go back again.

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