In the movies, date nights always seem perfect, or near enough perfect. In many instances, it’s always the guy goes to pick up the girl, he has to knock for her, and then he meets her parents. The mum usually fusses over just how handsome he is, whereas the dad is giving him the ‘don’t-hurt-my-daughter’ stare. They then go of for the evening, doing something fun, whether it be a game of bowling, a round of mini-golf or even a bit a of roller skating.

Now I can’t speak on behalf of everyone but I don’t think real life isn’t like that. Today’s society seem to not know how to date and they certainly don’t like to commit.

Today’s generation, we communicate via our devices, particularly engaging in sexting, (or in my case, attempting to as I am unbelievably bad at any type of flirting), and this has sadly become the norm. The problem with sexting is that there are a number of pitfalls. Before the using of text messaging or WhatsApp, or even Tinder, we would be using the house phone, with the frequent interruption of your mum going ‘Jess, get off the phone now!’ BUT this was a much safer option. Why? Because I’m pretty sure a boy wasn’t standing there with a dictaphone recording your phone call and your attempt to flirt with them to replay to his friends the next day at school (and if he did, that’s pretty weird, no?) but taking a screen shot of your shitty attempt to turn him on is simple. Not only is he then able to show his friends, but he is able to save it as evidence to blackmail you in very bad, sort of worst case scenario situation, or he is able to send it into sites like Buzzfeed or those accounts on Instagram where everyone is invited to see your cringey chat up lines/flirting fails. This is why we should go on classic face-to-face dates, because no one can record or screen shot anything, you get me?

Furthermore, Snapchat and Instagram ‘likes’ have become an acceptable form of flirting. A ‘like’ on Instagram is way more common than a compliment in real life. It’s easier, quicker and there’s less chance of rejection.

Date nights don’t exist any more. The guy that you’re ‘kind of seeing’ won’t take you out to dinner on a date or do anything relatively thoughtful. Now, it’s more of a ‘hang out at my place’, watch a bit of Netflix and if you’re super lucky, he’ll chuck in a pizza. I mean, of course, nights-in can be, and are super romantic, but I personally think there’s something special about dressing up and making a bit of effort once in a while.

I find that no one really seems to be dating anymore, including my friends and I. Everyone is ‘talking to someone’ or ‘has a thing with someone’ or is ‘kind of dating’. But no-one wants the commitment of a real relationship, but they don’t want to be alone, either.

A guy won’t take the girl he is ‘talking to’ on an actual date but when he sees that her best friend on Snapchat is another guy, he loses his shit. A girl doesn’t want to commit to the guy she ‘has a thing for’, but she gets mad when she sees him liking other girls photos on Instagram (guilty).

I’m not sure when these actions became acceptable substitutes for real life conversations or dates, but it’s happened, and it needs to change.

I think we should bring back dating. I’m not saying that we all need to drop our guard and go full out on a mission where we go out and ask every single person we’ve ever chatted to and thought was cute out on a date. I’m not saying that these dates need to be extravagant and fancy, nor do they need to be expensive. What I’m saying is that we all need to put in a little bit more effort, myself included. Real life interaction is much better than a conversation with a screen. Actual hugs and kisses are better than a couple of emojis and xo’s.


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. I agree not many people date they just jump straight into relationships. There isn’t romance any more.Isn’t dating meant to be how you get to know the person and see if you are compatible or not? Crazy world x

    1. jessicaybl says:

      Yeah exactly! I love a bit of old fashioned romance! x

  2. cre8tivegal says:

    All that stuff is lost on me. I don’t play the dating game. I am just all alone in the land of forever.

    1. jessicaybl says:

      Aha aw no, of course not, your ‘meant-to-be’ will come soon!

  3. PAUSEstudio says:

    I totally agree! It’s like the art of true romance is lost 😦 Don’t worry though girl, there are still some people out there who agree with you ❤

    1. jessicaybl says:

      Haha I’m glad you agree! Thanks for commenting! Xx

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