Music Diaries: Leeds Festival.


As per usual, after any type of music event/concert, I am in a very, very tired state, but I’m super proud to say that I’m not as hungover as I normally am (Alcohol: 0, Jess: 1)! It seems that this summer, my liking for festivals has slowly, but surely increased as this weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Leeds Festival. I say ‘weekend’ but I only went on Day 1 the Friday as number one, that was the only ticket I was given, but also, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned elsewhere… myself and Camping ain’t really a combination that goes well together (cue flashback of DofE days). Can you imagine not showering for three days?!

Although I have been to several of festivals/concerts before, this was a bit more out of my comfort zone. Firstly, Leeds is a long way from home – it’s very rare that I leave London. Aside from the fact that I am lazy, I am a huge city girl, I adore London. I think in some ways that makes me quite ignorant as my mindset is like ‘Why leave London when everything comes to, or eventually will come to London?’ so I guess being somewhere where I wasn’t too familiar with was a new experience for me (thank God for Google Maps).

The biggest change for me was the music. If you’ve read my other blog posts about the concerts/the music/the festivals I like and have been to, I’m sure you’ll recognise that there is a common theme through them all, that they’re all very pop-y (is that a word?). I really like pop/rock music, I like chart music, contemporary music, dance music. However, as you may or may not know, Leeds (and Reading festival) are more known for their rock vibes and sounds so I wasn’t too sure if it was going to be my scene.

That being said, I honestly loved it. I keep banging on about how live music is really a game changer for me and this festival really proved that to me. I really appreciate people who can play their own instruments and I love the sound of live instruments verses backing tracks any day. I loved hearing heavy, dirty bass lines, loud electric guitar riffs, the banging of drums. IMO, this is the sort of music that you can feel inside yourself – you can physically feel the music inside of you, pumping away… a personal fave.

The only thing that sucks about festivals is that they are huge. There are so many stages that it was really hard to see everyone. I found if I kept moving around to different stages, I would be at the back of the crowd, so it was hard to see the stage, not to mention, since I’m short, it’s already hard enough to try and see over everyone’s heads anyways. I alternated between the main stage and the NME/BBC Radio 1 stage. I got to see people like The Libertines, Kendrick Lamar, Years & Years, The Cribs.

Having looked at the line up, I’m sure the rest of the weekend will be amazing. I wish I got to stay for Saturday because I love Alt-J, Bastille, All Time Low, Panic! at the Disco, Echosmith, but hey, I can’t complain!

This has continued to spark my love for live music and maybe one day, I’ll be like a true festival go-er, and truly get stuck in and camp out… But that’s a huge Maybe.


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