Double Standards.


I wouldn’t call myself a die hard feminist. But I do agree in the fundamental point feminists believe in. I believe that BOTH men and women should be equal – in a professional, a social, a political, an economical, a cultural environment.

However, feminism has always had a bad rep. I think one thing we should get clear is that feminists do not hate men. Yes there are SOME feminist that hate men (who should be called misandrists), but that’s like saying there are SOME elderly people who hate hard metal/contemporary music. You can’t generalise a group.

For example, if you just type the word feminism into Google, within 30 seconds you can find hundreds of articles on ‘Why feminists are just angry, ugly women.’


Just because a woman has an opinion doesn’t mean she is a bitch. – Everyone is entitled to an opinion. The word ‘opinionated’ itself has become a way to describe a woman who needs to calm down. I hate it when people tell a woman to ‘pipe back down’ just because she is merely stating what she thinks.

Just because a girl dresses conservatively doesn’t mean she is a prude. In the same way, just because a girl dresses showing a little more skin does not mean she is a slag or ‘asking for it’. Why is it a woman’s job to tailor her attire so that it won’t give off “the wrong idea”?

I hate that I have to always be conscious about what I choose to wear. We all live in a free world and we shouldn’t have to feel scared or worried about wearing that outfit because of the opinion of someone else.

If I want to wear a full length dress from my neck to my ankles, I will.

If I want to wear a bikini, I will.

If I want to wear a onesie, I bloody well can.

If I want to wear a backless dress, I will.

I hate it when you walk down a street and men whistle or bark at you with quite crude remarks. I am not a piece of meat. I am not something you ogle over. I am wearing my outfit because I like it and feel comfortable in it.

Double standard still exists.

When a girl chooses to talk to a few guys, go on a couple of different dates, she is automatically labelled a hoe, a train wreck, a slag. But when a guy goes it, his status becomes out of this world, and he is placed on a podium where he receives endless praise.

I’m currently about to start my dissertation, where I’m choosing to explore the realm of fantasy and Fairy Tales. I’ve chosen to focus on moral didacticism and am thinking about choosing the route of exploring gender. For example, in Sleeping Beauty, we see how Aurora is simply waiting around for a guy to save the day or in Snow White, where she is apparently so dumb that the stepmother manages to dress up as not once, but twice, disguising as two different personalities and trick her into her own death. The tale makes it clear that the female brain cannot process anything more complex than cleaning and knitting.

Both women are saved by men, based on their appearance. They save the day because they are attracted to the princess, not because of their intelligence and wisdom but by their beauty. Is this the message we should be teaching young children today? That the goal in life is to get a man, and the way to do it is by our looks and beauty over our intelligence. As long as you’re pretty, it doesn’t matter if you’re dumb.

I disagree. My goal in life is not to get a man, that is not the reason I wake up every morning. If a man comes into my life, great – however, it is not what I strive and set out to do. A man is going to love me because he loves all of me, both inside and out. I am going to love a man because of his kind heart and his intelligence, not just for his rock hard abs.

A woman should not need a man to feel complete. Equally, a man does not need a woman in life to feel complete either. Life is so much more than that.

We are not labelled by our partners or who we choose to associated ourselves with. WE are individuals. I am my own person. I do not belong to anyone.

Be YOU. Have opinions. Wear what you want. Do what you like. Hang with whoever you want. Those who judge you don’t deserve to be in your life. Be YOU and be HAPPY.

Lots of love,



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  1. laiq says:

    WOMEN created from the left ribs of man , under the ARM ,TO Protect . near to the HEART to be LOVED .

    but one thing Women make so confuse , A man cannot understand women easily . Women behavior changes as Weather.

    There is no all fault of a man , but women also involved in it .

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