Bucket List.


If you look up the term ‘bucket list’ in a dictionary, the definition would be something along the lines of a list of things to do/achieve/accomplish in one’s lifetime. A bucket list has always been something I’ve been meaning to do. It’s a list you kinda make in your head whilst growing up. But they’re the sort of things you dream of doing, instead of proactively achieving.

Now, as my last year at uni slowly creeps up on me, I’ve realised that as soon as I graduate, I’ll be free. Free to do whatever I wish. In one of my previous post, I wrote about how I didn’t want to regret not doing what I wanted to in life, so this blogpost seemed appropriate.

On a bucket list, some things are fun and silly, like going sky diving, singing karaoke publicly, others a bit more serious. However, the real purpose of constructing a bucket list is creating memories that were or were about to become some of your greatest memories. You know, those memories that create stories that you know your friends will come out and embarrass you with in front of your parents/other half, stories that will become the backbone of conversations that can fill any awkward silence.

Of course, putting yourself out there and experiencing new things is scary, is difficult, is challenging. But if not now, when? So here’s my bucket list, some already achieved, some yet to be completed. Nevertheless, I know I’ll try my best to create lifelong memories and change those X into huge ticks.

✓ You go, Jess!
✗ Not yet, Jess..

Jess’ Bucket List
✗ Visit New York and go to a Broadway show in Times Square.
✗ Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
✓ Explore London in a unique way
✓ Learn another language – (A Level French totally counts, right?)
✗ Move to another country
✓ Afternoon tea with my girls.
✓ Kiss in the Rain
✗ Travel Italy and have fresh Pizza and Gelato.
✓ Learn to play an instrument
✗ Going to a music festival
✓ Visit Paris and take an iconic tourist picture.

✗ Inter-railing around Europe
✗ Graduate from University (Half-way!)
✓ Visit Vegas
✓ Get a piercing/tattoo
✗ Run a marathon
✓ Have an article published
✓ Learn how to drive
✗ Go paragliding
✓ Visit Disneyland

✗ To write/co-write a song and have it in the UK Charts.
✗ Fall in love with someone who will share adventures with me.


YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/lammy1294
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/_jessicaybl
Tumblr: http://www.jessicaybl.tumblr.com


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