Music Diaries: The Veronicas x London Heaven

The sight and smell of latex could only mean one thing. The Veronicas were about to hit the stage.

Last night, I made my way to London Heaven to watch The Veronicas live for the very first time – and they didn’t dissappoint! As my lovely readers, you’ll probably know that I love The Veronicas (click HERE for the post if you haven’t checked it out yet) so to say I was excited was an understatement.)


In my 20 odd years on being on this Earth, I have attended a couple of gigs here and there, and this show is easily one of the best shows I’ve ever been to and is up there in my top 3. As I’m quite short, I managed to squeeze my way to almost front row so I was extremely lucky! I don’t know if it was because it was such an intimate setting, which is something I have never experienced before (I’m used to going to large arena tours) or it was because I was blown away by their vocals and their harmonies, or because they just radiate the most positive energy (plus I love a good Aussie accent) but it was AMAZING!


Their set list mainly consisted of their new albums, but they did throw in a few classics! My favourite was You Ruin Me – there is something so genuine yet so haunting about that song, and to hear it live has only increased my love for it.

If The Veronicas ever tour London, the UK or wherever you live again (and hopefully it’s not another six year wait!) I could not urge you enough to go to their shows. Live music is always a game changer but I can guarantee once you see Jess and Lisa live, you too will love them as much as me!


Until next time!


PS. their album is out 16th March in UK if you wanna have a listen.

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