Fashion is something I find myself more intrigued with and more aware of each day. Believe me, I wasn’t always fashionable – cue mini Jessica with a hand-me-down Yellow 101 Dalmatian t-shirt that came to below my knees, with socks and jelly sandals. They say that whatever you choose to wear generally reflects the type of person you are. When I walk down the streets or insta stalk people (I’m sure you all do it too..), how someone dresses really makes me think about the sort of person they might be.

I would say that my style would suggest that I am very laid back. I mean, when I want to, I know how to pull together an outfit, but for everyday, it’s very comfortable, very basic, very casual. My wardrobe includes pieces and outfits that I love and have worn repeatedly (#sorrynotsorry)

Now, I’m not really one of those bloggers that own designers galore. Yes, I do own a few designer items but overall I own things that reflect my own style and budget. I am a student and I dream of travel and adventure, so therefore I invest in things that make me feel fabulous for half the price.

My mum has taught me how to find a good bargain – specifically how to haggle at Camden Market! When I was younger, I really didn’t understand why we would go through the sale racks all the time to find discounted items when there were perfectly good items that we didn’t have to searched and get trampled all over for. Now, as a student, when money really matters to me and my youthful lifestyle, the sale and discounted items are the first place I go too. (Thanks, Mum!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love trends, but I love how fashion is not restricted. Fashion is how you interpret it with whatever budget you have. Yes, of course money does help, but fashion really does not need to be expensive nor must you need to break the bank. There are so many alternative ways to shop, such as thrifting! You can buy that (almost similar) jacket you want and still have spare change to get a vodka tonic (or a non alcoholic cocktail!)

I am here to tell you that fashion is a personal thing – no one can tell you what to wear or how to wear it. But surely you didn’t need me to tell you that. If it makes you feel beautiful and makes you comfortable, then go for it! Fashion should reflect YOU and not your wealth.




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