Good Girlfriends.

Good Girlfriends

It’s true, every girl needs good girlfriends. Whether you have one, two or a couple more, I’m sure you are just as grateful to have them in your lives as I do with my girlfriends. No matter how many girls you have or where you are in the world, I’m pretty sure we all share the same common ground as all girl talk is universal. Have a look at what my friends put up with and see how many topics you talk about too!

1) Boys, boys, boys.
My friends and I love a good gossip about boys (or you know, now I’m a little bit more grown up, I think we should be referring to them as men now). Usually about that cute guy we saw on the tube, and smiling/arguing about who he actually smiled at, or how I had a horrific date the other night with that guy, you know the one who spoke the whole night with his mouth full and constantly kept checking his phone. Or how much I hate my ex boyfriends, or just about how all the good guys in our lives are either definitely just friends with you, taken or gay. Boy talk is always going to be on top of the list.

2) Relationships.
With boys, come relationships. Whether you are currently in a relationship, just waiting for Mr. Right, or currently dealing with an old flame who you may or may not be over yet – I am a sucker for a good relationship talk. When girls go out on dates, be warned that when she gets home to her girls, she will be asked a hundred and one questions, from “Did he pay?” to “Did you kiss?” – not one single detail will be left out!

Also, now with the craze of Tinder, be sure that Tinder girl nights are also on the cards. My girls and I are on Tinder at the same time, comparing pictures, telling each other whether we should swipe left or swipe right, and telling each other, “Hey, I think he would totally be your type!” whilst giggling over their selfies as their profile picture.

Now, I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but I believe I give pretty good damn advice when it comes to relationships, yet I cannot take my own advice. It’s just one of those things where in order to get to the good, you have to experience the bad. And yes it sucks, but that’s what your girls are there for, because sometimes you need someone to reassure you of your worth and what you really deserve.

3) Weight.
It’s almost compulsory to mention weight at least once when chatting with your girls. Whether it’s a pact that from Monday, you are all going on a diet – no this time, it’s for real!, or talking about the new diet craze (my friends and I are currently trying out the juice diet!), or perhaps when you’re out shopping and one of you always says, “I look so fat today!”. It’s a girl thing. But don’t forget, all girls feels exactly the same, and I promise that you are beautiful, both inside and out.

4) What things mean… like REALLY mean.
It’s this known fact that girls overanalyse everything. I am guilty of it. We can talk for hours overanalysing the tinniest things.
“He liked my Instagram picture from 23 weeks ago! Does that mean he was checking out my pictures? Does he like me?”
“It’s been two hours since he replied to me, and normally he replies straight away.. is he not into me anymore?”
“Why didn’t she say hey to me at the party the other day? Have I done something wrong?”
“Have they broken up? They’ve deleted posts of each other off Instagram?”
“Are they together now, because he favourites every tweet of hers and likes every picture?”
“He said I looked cute. Does cute mean he’s interested in me, or have I just been friendzoned?”
Everyone can be a little psycho sometimes and over analyse, but hey, I think it makes great conversation. And you best believe that if a girl wants to be a private investigator, she definitely will find out everything.

5) Complain/Support.
Girls are so good at supporting one another because we are also so good at complaining about the smallest things that really don’t matter. Whether it’s the time of the month and I complain about how much I hate being a girl because I feel/look so bloated, or how much I hate college/university/work, or how I have no clothes because I’ve worn it all/I’m too fat/nothing looks nice, how I can’t go out because I’m poor and have no money, or how I’ve eaten too much, or how I wish I wasn’t single. Your girls will always support you and know what to say. “No Jess, you don’t look bloated”, “No, I hate work too, it will get better”, “No, I’ll pay this time, don’t worry about it”, “No Jess, you deserve better than that dickhead.” They say the right thing. Always.

I’m lucky to have my best friends. We gotta remember that us girls gotta stick together and that women should empower one another. And, if you didn’t believe me, this just proves that all girl talk is universal and that having good girlfriends is bloody amazing.


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